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Case Study:

Aviva USA; 35,000 sq. ft. facility equipped in 4 weeks

The Opportunity

Faced with the closure of its primary printing and fulfillment facility, Aviva USA called on us to help turn a challenge into an opportunity. The financial services company, which serves almost a million customers through nearly 30,000 individual agents, wanted to outsource and consolidate its printing and fulfillment operations, formerly spread between its Des Moines, Iowa, headquarters and three other U.S. cities. Intent on streamlining processes and focusing on its core business, Aviva had less than six months to select a supplier and transition the operations of the Des Moines facility.

The Solution

Within four weeks of the contract award, we had leased, staffed and equipped a 35,000 square-foot fulfillment facility, complete with a customer service function. From a basic solution created to meet a tight deadline, the operation has grown steadily in size and sophistication. Print production totaling tens of millions of pieces each year has been transitioned from Aviva’s in-house facilities and several outside suppliers to our organization. The new fulfillment center provides 24-hour turnaround on orders for nearly 4,500 different items. Powerful technologies, including a custom StoreFront site and an online library of Aviva’s digital assets, have delivered a new level of efficiency, convenience and control.

The Results

Aviva USA’s decision to outsource its printing and fulfillment operations with the assistance of our corporation has allowed it to significantly cut its budget for these functions and focus more on core business activities.