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Case Study:

Adidas; Streamline & Create custom catalogs to reduce waste

The Opportunity

A global leader in athletic footwear and apparel, adidas offers a broad portfolio of products in virtually every country of the world. To cover the entire product line requires a catalog 400 pages in length. Sales representatives of adidas America found that the one-size-fits-all catalog was far too lengthy for meetings with many of their retail accounts, some of which required just 20 pages. To increase marketing effectiveness, eliminate wasted pages and reduce shipping costs, they needed high-quality smaller books, customized for individual accounts and produced closer to their points of distribution.

The Solution

With sophisticated digital print capabilities in every major U.S. market, providing variable-data, print-on-demand services close to adidas’ four regional sales offices was the easy part. The bigger challenge was enabling orders to be placed through a custom catalog tool used by adidas for the creation and ordering of marketing collateral and received for processing through the Streamline solution. Developers of the two systems teamed up to integrate the front end of the adidas tool with the back end of Streamline. Now customized quarterly catalogs can be created and ordered for each of the four regions along with highly targeted pieces focused on specific products and/or retailers.

The Results

Formerly printing up to 9,000 catalogs, totaling more than three million pages every quarter, adidas America has reduced the quantities of its large catalogs by about 75 percent. Sales representatives, who often resorted to producing their own customized marketing materials, now have fast access to highly targeted, bound catalogs that are professionally produced to preserve adidas’ brand standards and quality image. “Regular turnaround is just five business days,” said Lisa Markusen, Event Marketing Director. “Bridgetown usually beats the deadline, and when somebody needs an even faster turnaround, the book is delivered early.”