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Case Study:

Esselte; in-house digital printing solutions reduce waste

The Opportunity

Esselte, a supplier of office products such as file folders and index cards that are sold through office supply retailers, wanted a just-in-time printing solutions that would enable them to virtually eliminate inventories, reduce waste due to obsolescence and achieve their “lean” manufacturing goals.

The Solution

The RR Donnelley team created an in-house digital printing solution that provides an efficient, fully automated workflow and utilizes the latest and best digital equipment to meet Esselte’s needs. RR Donnelley now owns and operates digital printing facilities inside two Esselte plants.

The Results

With instant access to printed materials, Esselte can quickly fill orders of any size with minimal inventories. The results, which include increased speed-to-market and improved cash flow, have led Esselte to expand the solution to other facilities.