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Case Study:

Mohu; head & shoulders above our competition on the shelf

The Opportunity

The patent-pending Leaf™ indoor HDTV antenna, developed by Mohu, is a paper thin antenna that connects to any HD television and mounts on a wall, behind a picture, or just about anywhere to enable consumers to watch free over-the-air HDTV broadcasts. Because TV antennas are perceived as “eye-sores,” aesthetics were a primary driver in the design of the Leaf™. Mohu had need for a packaging solution that displayed their antenna product in a retail setting and allowed consumers to visually see their sleek design, and touch and feel the thin, yet rigid, construction.

The Solution

PBM Graphics, an RR Donnelley company in Durham, NC, designed a package insert that pops open for easy assembly, securely locks the Leaf™ into place, opens at one end to allow it to “float out” of the exterior carton (for easy consumer access), and acts as a skeleton to support the exterior package.

The insert was designed out of the same material as the external carton to minimize costs and simplify kitting and assembly through fewer tab locks than the original design. Furthermore, the insert was crafted to accommodate assembly instructions and consisted of a sleek, soft-touch finish enhancing the flow from the exterior package to the insert and increasing the overall brand integrity.

The Results

Although the product has just been released onto retail store shelves, the positive results have been:

  • Less time and cost to assemble allowed Mohu to stay within their budget
  • Big box retail buyers liked the soft touch coating, quality and box construction, which set Mohu apart and enhanced the consumers’ buying experience
  • Since rolling out in retail, the Leaf™ has sold at a rate 3X the projected numbers for its category

“The new soft touch retail box for the Leaf™ and Leaf Plus™ positions us head and shoulders above our competition on the shelf,” said Brian Baucom, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Mohu. “The Mohu brand means intelligent, simple, sophisticated technology and design. PBM’s solution was perfectly in-line with our brand and it accentuated the unique qualities of the Leaf™ in the most natural way possible.”