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Case Study:

National Republican Senatorial Committee; 76% savings in per unit postage

The Opportunity

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) is the only national Republican Party committee dedicated to electing Republicans to the U.S. Senate. A standard NRSC fundraising format is direct mail campaigns that include a lapel pin, personalized solicitation letter, and reply. This material is sent in conventional #10 envelopes. Per unit postage had grown to approximately $1.22 cents. The NRSC was looking for a more effective and inexpensive way to deliver their lapel pin and material, due to rising postage rates and other restrictions.

The Solution

One of our RR Donnelley facilities introduced the NRSC to its Flex Mailer™, a mailing solution that features an inner tray that accommodates a wide variety of personalized content and promotional items. The patent-pending design of the Flex Mailer features a flexible outer skin to hold the interior tray, and is tight enough to allow flexibility on both vertical and horizontal axes while maintaining sufficient surface tension variations of less than ¼ of an inch. This enables the Flex Mailer to qualify as an automatable machinable flat, for significant postage savings. RR Donnelley assembled a seamless team of companies to produce the Flex Mailer and custom-brand the solution for the NRSC. Contents included a personalized one-sheet letter and reply with business reply envelope (BRE). The RR Donnelley team also provided fulfillment to support the letter, BRE and lapel pin, and distribution of the completed package.

The Results

The NRSC campaign’s initial run was 17,462 units, and production was coordinated though a single contact point for convenience and efficiency. Postage was $.295 cents per unit, resulting in a savings of $.925 per unit, for a total campaign postage savings of approximately $16,153 compared to the conventional mailing approach.