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Case Study:

Pentair; 70% reduction in order-to-ship lead times

The Opportunity

Working with minimal staffing, the marketing services department for a division of Pentair supported up to 10 brands in a fluid environment that included frequent acquisitions, reorganizations and rebranding initiatives. Management wanted to expand the marketing products offered to a diverse group of direct customers, channel partners and its own internal sales force but, in a weak economy, budget increases were not an option. Pentair needed a solution to support growth and accommodate constant change with no increase in spending.

The Solution

RR Donnelley developed a robust Web2Print solution to automate ordering, fulfillment and tracking as well as an online library that would bring new levels of order and access to the company’s digital assets. These technologies paid for themselves through improved efficiencies with savings left over to expand the marketing services portfolio. The Web2Print solution saves time by providing authorized users with 24/7 access to the materials they need, freeing Pentair staff from administrative tasks.

The Result

The Web2Print solution, which is currently being converted to the new Streamline platform, delivered savings on many fronts. By offering print-on-demand (POD) orders through the system, it propelled POD growth from just 20 percent of all materials ordered to 80 percent, dramatically reducing inventories and cutting obsolescence costs by 80 percent in the first year. Turn-around times have improved dramatically with a 70 percent reduction in order-to-ship lead times. The internal resources devoted to collateral management activities like inventory management, order processing, and customer service have been reduced by 85 percent.


“Without this relationship, we would not have been able to meet the needs of our business. We still have the same budget, but with virtually no obsolescence costs or inventories, we can create more materials for our channel partners.”

Lisa Stich, Senior Marketing Manager, Pentair