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Case Study:

Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento; $26,000 savings in printing & mailing costs

The Opportunity

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento had been raising money the same way a lot of charitable organizations do – with a dependable full color tabloid piece soliciting a donation. Over the years, response rates had declined. Moreover, with new postal guidelines in effect, postage was being calculated at an expensive flat rate cost. From a content as well as a practical standpoint, the piece needed to be reconceived.

The Solution

The Cyril-Scott Company, an RR Donnelley company in Lancaster, OH, set out to increase the response rate of their fundraising solicitation while reducing its costs. Given the requirements of the new piece, Cyril-Scott quickly determined that the solution would require a high profile package that would grab the recipient’s attention while streamlining production costs. The new piece involves duplex imaging, an 8-page booklet and a return envelope – and still qualifies for USPS letter size requirements and rates. Better still, it’s produced via an efficient all-in-line process.

The Results

The new format has saved the Diocese of Sacramento 30% in printing costs and 40% in postage costs – a savings of more than $26,000. Even more dramatic has been the increase in response to the more personalized, user-friendly piece: jumping from 7.5% to 21%. Total funds raised has more than doubled, to $2.5 million. “People have it in their hearts to be generous,” says Sacramento Bishop, Jaime Soto. “We’re just more effectively reminding them of that.” The increased participation, as well as the total dollars, have helped the Diocese of Sacramento fulfill its mission in the community.