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Case Study:

Sony Electronics; 145% increase in repeat sales from direct mail

The Opportunity

With data proving that recent purchasers of its products were inclined to buy another, Sony Electronics saw an opportunity to drive sales and build brand loyalty through direct mail. The company wanted to maximize results and increase the return on its investment in the campaign by using personalization to break through the clutter and speak to customers one at a time. The goal was to increase response by 20 percent as measured by the dollar value of repeat purchases within 90 days of the original sale.

The Solution

The world leader in digital printing, we utilized our sophisticated variable data capabilities to create a highly personalized direct mail campaign that was triggered by a purchase. Within two weeks of the original sale, customers received a personalized post card that thanked them by name and made reference, complete with photo, to the specific item they had purchased. The card offered an appreciation discount of 10 percent on the purchase of a Blue-ray DVD player. A second post card two weeks later offered a discount on a television.

The Value We Created

Executed on a schedule that was unexpectedly cut from six weeks to two weeks, the “trigger” campaign produced results that exceeded Sony’s most optimistic expectations. Among recent purchasers of televisions, six percent bought one of the items promoted through the personalized direct mail offer, up from a response rate of less than one percent for previous “static” campaigns. The revenue per thousand pieces mailed was four times greater than the company’s typical campaigns, and the ROI was four times the company’s required threshold. “We achieved a 145 percent increase in repeat sales compared to our previous direct mail campaigns, far surpassing our goal of 20 percent,” said Elissa Klaus, Marketing Manager, Sony Electronics.