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Accessible, Flexible, Reliable

Backed by the industry’s leading print production and fulfillment capabilities, including the world’s most advanced digital footprint, WorkSmart Suite™ is part of an end-to-end solution for creating, distributing, and managing breakthrough marketing campaigns. Adopt the entire suite or choose individual applications to meet specific needs.


An online tool that streamlines print purchasing, management and distribution to increase access, improve control, eliminate waste and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Multi-touch Marketing:

Marketing that makes a connection.  Revolutions in direct marketing that bridge personalized print and digital media to engage with customers and drive results.
Connect: Tap the power of personalization and use multiple touch points across a variety of media to build customer relationships and improve your campaigns. With highly relevant and focused messages, you make smarter connections that engage target audiences, drive sales and build loyalty.
Sony eBridge Arc and Kyp Webkey: Consumer journeys take place across a number of marketing channels and we make it quick and easy to move your audience between them – and track every step of the journey. The Sony eBridge Arc and Kyp webkey™ leverage advanced USB technology to build bridges between the physical and digital world.
The patented eBridge Arc* enables you to take customers from print to personalized rich media, the web and beyond, while capturing interactive behavior along the journey. No internet connection is required and data capacity is robust and fully secure – up to 128 MB of flash memory.
The Kyp Webkey creates a seamless drive from print to web, automatically launching in computers’ browsers. With the slimmest profile on the market, kyp’s best-in-class technology is truly customizable and optimized for a broad spectrum of cost-effective mailing and publishing applications.
*Available exclusively in North America from RR Donnelley


A powerful online solution that gives you a myriad of options for organizing, protecting and facilitating efficient use of your company’s valuable digital assets.


A convenient online solution to create and print professionally-bound materials in units as low as one, which will set your business apart from the competition and build your brand. At the click of a button, upload customized designs for portfolios, catalogs, manuals, brand books, ebooks, client presentations, event books and more. Reduce obsolescence, print on-demand, and generate targeted collateral that will add polish, increase sales and help your business improve profitability. With eight book sizes, five paper substrates, and three different cover options, create published collateral that works for your audience. Simply upload Adobe InDesign files to Publish’s online interface, and receive high-quality bound materials suitable for your most important clients in just seven to 10 days. With our free Adobe InDesign plug-in, you get quicker, easier access to templates for books of all sizes. Custom Solutions – Technology that Works for You™ We start with your needs to drive results. Our sales consultants explore your unique challenges, offer fresh ideas and draw from the applications within WorkSmart Suite to create custom solutions that advance your goals and help capture your market.